Friday, January 9, 2009

hands of an artist: Sue Choppers-Wife

My hands post seemed well received so I asked a select group of artists for their own thoughts.
The multi-talented Sue Choppers-Wife is part of the Wearable Art Market on 1000 Markets.
Here is what she had to say

Hands are the greatest tool any artist has. They pinch, squeeze, twist, roll, tap, smear, smoosh and even sometimes act as a stand in model. The hand featured in this painting, titled 'The Third Dimension', is my own left hand (I'm a righty, so this guy needs to pull his own weight too lol). I'd always thought my hands were rather short and stumpy, but somewhere along the way I started calling them sturdy and capable.

They may not stretch a full octave on a piano but they do exactly what my hands were born to do...they hold brushes (sometimes 3 or 4 at the same time, with a couple tubes of paint thrown in), they somehow 'see' the pictures in my mind and take a blob of clay and make engaging little sculptures such as the 'Baby Steps' pendant shown here and they help me to create marvelous designs for Wearable Art, like necklace titled 'Blue Cascades' which is my interpretation of flowing water.

And yet that is only a tiny fraction of what these hands do; these hands have touched those I love, comforted those that need it, planted uncounted plants in garden plots and even twisted the throttle of my very own Harley. Sturdy and capable, indeed!


  1. The baby elephant is beautiful. What material is it made of? It does not state. - CT

  2. Hey Sarah...I didn't know when you were going to run this, so when I popped it up in Reader I did a double take lol...thanks, it came out great :)

    CT...the baby elephant is polymer clay :) Thanks for your kind words!