Tuesday, January 20, 2009

hands of an artist: Gale Bez

I asked a select group of artists for their thoughts on their most important tools-- their own hands.
Gale Bez is part of the Wearable Art Market on 1000Markets. She makes romantic wearable art.
She says:


These hands once dreamed of a dancer’s life as they floated through the air with graceful young movement. These hands have soothed and nurtured the tenderness of children. These hands protect life. These hands have turned the earth, coaxing tiny green shoots into full blooming fruition.

These hands have guided the infirm, the blind and have firmly held shovel handles to bury the dead. These hands have led voices in shimmering crescendos of music and have cavorted happily on the keys of musical instruments. These hands have held the strength of horses while riding mountain trails and have avidly grasped steering wheels of vintage autos speeding across open plains. These hands become one with the sea and have felt the freedom of cresting winds.

These hands that create in visible form the echoes and fantasies of my mind have at times been muted, hindered, damaged by the turnings of my life. They bear the scars and marks of a determined pursuit of knowledge. Yet, they have brought me competently through a half century of life, well lived and well loved.

These hands are star crossed - they stretch upward, ever reaching for the moon and sun, ever attempting to fulfill the potential of their destiny. These hands cannot resist touching the wonder of the world.

Violetta Femme Fatale Fascinator


  1. oh how beautiful!

  2. Thank you for adding 'my hands' to your artist series. You have a very interesting and beautifully presented blog.