Friday, January 30, 2009

family project #3, down and something extra!

Family project #3 was bil's shark tooth cuff. He really liked Barbary Coast but to me it looked a bit feminine on him-- though the cuff itself really isn't girlie. So I made him a leather backed version for his anniversary this year. He said it's the best anniversary gift I've ever given him-- not hard as this is only anniversary #2 and I didn't give him anything last year . . .
I also made this today. It was a custom job-- a gauged nosering Rajasthan style! I *love* this. Seriously. If I could wear it, I would have kept it and made Slang something else. Seriously-- yes I know that's the second time I said that.

Anyway, I may start making these.
I also made a pair of custom earrings today. Everything's packed up and ready to go and I have plans for a nath that I'd really love to work on!