Sunday, January 11, 2009

thinking green

I've been contemplating my blog-- mostly because it's been a little harder of late to come up with subjects. It's not that I don't enjoy blogging-- I do. It's more like I've dipped all the water off the top of the puddle and now I'm having to dig down deep to get anything at all. And doing that everyday is exhausting.

It shouldn't be. It should really be easy enough to figure out what I'm thinking about . . . but it's not, always. When I'm beadweaving, I get lost in my hands and the textures and colors and tension and embellishment. When I'm in the middle of a project, with another project on the horizon, when my hands aren't on the work my mind is.


  1. I wouldn't know it was harder, Sarah, you have wonderful blogs. When I get stuck (because let's face it...who can be inspirational every single day?) I wait until someone says something that strikes my fancy and use that for a topic. But I wouldn't mind a bit if you keep writing about your process and progress...I love that kind of stuff!

  2. I enjoy this blog so much, Sarah, that it's hard to believe you could possibly run out of things to say/write about. I wish I had your skill in delving into and sharing the process of creation; I tend to be rather more superficial in my blogging efforts.

  3. :) Well that's great news coming from two of my favorite readers!

    I do like to use things that others have said, when I find something that really catches me!

    And CD, I don't believe for one second that you couldn't delve if you wanted!

  4. Blogs are such funny's almost as if they are organic, living, breathing, and all. For me, it's an instant catharsis, when the paperwork / email / chores of running a business keep me from the drawing board, the blog is often the outlet I turn to for a quick fix. I must say, I really love your blogging style, your honesty, and taking at peak at your inspirations...keep it up girlie!