Monday, January 5, 2009


The BAO Items of the week are up on the BAO blog! Stop by and check them out! I'm offering a 15$ gift certificate with my Hands Against Time cuff!

thebeadedlily was featured in 12 Treasuries this week, so sit back and enjoy a sampling from the talented curator's shops!
Frosty Leaves by JudiFitzPatrick 
Queen of Hearts Royal Choker by lookingglasshouse
Aqua Radiance by MiscBeads
Zigzag Ndebele Cuff Bracelet by SmadarsTreasure
Corn Silk Snake Bracelet by gypsyeyesjewelry
Lava Swirl Shibori Top by dyedianadye

Victoriana Scarflette by TickledPinkKnits
Crocheted Violet Flowers Wool Yarn Plastic Pearlized Vase by crochetbouquet

Have a greatg week!


  1. Sarah! Wow! Thanks for featuring my top. :)

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Frosty Leaves print, so very nice of you! Peace, Judi