Thursday, March 19, 2009

a blip on the radar

That's kind of how I feel today.

First I opened up a link on my blog roll to LLYYNN's Eye Popping Gorgeous and guess what the article was about? You won't guess so I'll tell you-- my Time Machine Cuff!

I'm still in a bit of shock. I enjoy peering into Lynn's world so much! And now she's included me in that world!

Then I logged onto 1000Markets and saw that i dream i can fly has opened there. I've admired her work on Etsy before, but since 1KM has that little 'Wall' feature I just poked in long enough to tell her that I love her Curls (pictured below).

They're simple, but ingenious, original and beautifully made. She responded by saying that she didn't know I was on 1KM, but had always loved my Primitive Series.

Whoa! Meaning she'd noticed me! Who knew?

One of the awesome things about the online artisan community-- you're there admiring all of these fantastic pieces and then sometimes you find out that the artists you admire so much are sitting in their studios or livingrooms or what have you admiring your fantastic pieces.

It's a lot of fun!


  1. Well deserved recognition, Sarah. And yes, the online artist community is an amazing place to belong to ;)

  2. How exciting! Your Time Machine bracelet is amazing. The recognition is very well deserved.

  3. You deserve the recognition! I agree, it's so cool when someone "recognizes" you especially if it is someone you admire.