Thursday, March 26, 2009

guess my favorite flower?

I've never been much into gardening or botany. I have a few plants that do okay when I remember to water them. I probably prefer grass and trees to anything because they're just there-- you don't have to do much with them to enjoy them.
Always loved animals-- not so into flowers. That said, who doesn't think they're pretty? And my favorite?

They look so pretty together and have been sitting in my favorites for ages waiting on this!
Etsy has an incredible amount of peony art. I found myself drawn especially to shots where the light was almost surreal. peoniesandpolaroids, loreca, and anneclark all had brilliant offerings.
hadleyhutton's above and beyond is pretty irresistable and the lighting on Gingeroni1's The Peony And The Swallow is killer.
I round out everything with a few Bead Art Original Team selections and SandFiber's Soft Raku Dreams, time2cre8's Raspberry Lemonade and AKDlampwork's misty mauve disks were perfect color and presence-wise.
fashionidea's scarf was a great tie it all together piece!
You can see everything closer HERE.


  1. What a beautiful treasury...great job!

  2. You've picked some wonderful pieces for this one. I was honored to find Lisa Peters' and my Soft Raku Dreams there ;)