Wednesday, March 4, 2009

today, I mope

I did so little today.

I studied my new copy of 500 Beaded Objects.

I sorted through some beads and ate another mudpie sundae.

I moped. I'm very good at moping.

When I finish a big project sometimes it's a letdown. Emotionally. My focus has to change and I have to leave that project and move on. And I find myself unsure where I want to move to. There's a kind of pressure there for the next project to be as successful in my mind as the one that I just finished.

The reality of it is that I only do one or two major projects a month. Much of my beading time is spent creating much simpler things.

And I'm feeling moved in the direction of bigger things and I'm a bit scared of that. Of the commitment of that.

I finally did sit down and just make something. Something small. Something without pressure.


  1. I shared your post big-project mope-age. I was so mopey that I went back to bed at 9 am and lay there looking up at the sky for, oh, 3 hours and thought about what's next.


  2. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Take comfort in knowing that you do eventually pick yourself up and move on, and go on to create more interesting projects every time :) The peeks and the valleys are what make the journey interesting.

    :) Darcy

  3. I see you've discovered one of my favorite books EVER! :D

    Let those small simple projects give you the "rest" you deserve after such a large one. They can't all be large! seriously.

  4. This talk is applicable for me:

    We make the mistake that we are responsible for the entirety of the creation instantaneously, but we all know that we are just reacting to what has already been done. You just have to start a new project.

  5. I know exactly what you much energy and expectations and sometimes you just have to breathe deep before you jump in again.

    Up and at 'em, girl!

  6. Melody :( Sorry! I guess that fabulous fringed piece took a bit out of you! But it's so funny-- you say that I think it's almost romantic:)-- all that released creative genius!

    Darcy-- thank you:) It really is good to hear that I share this things with artists whos work I adore!

    CD-- Words of wisdom:) Of course:)

    Clyde-- thank you for sharing. I'm listening to it now.

    Sue-- I hear you! Thanks:)