Wednesday, March 11, 2009

passing on a little idea

I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it.-- Oscar Wilde

I recently bought some beads from Etsy seller SusanClare.

I'm used to buying artisan beads that often come sweetly wrapped in gift baggies or boxes fit to hold these little treasures. I always reuse the boxes and gift bags, packaging my own little treasures in them when I mail them out.

Susan is a supply seller. It's a side of Etsy that I don't often visit. I prefer to buy supplies wholesale or in bulk for a savings! I haven't really found a favorite source for African or Indonesian recycled glass though, so I just pick them up when the mood strikes.

When I got my package from Susan, all of the beads were packed up in little plastic baggies-- like they always are when I order in bulk. A little spark was lit.

I can hardly take all the little plastic bags and send them back to my big box suppliers, I don't use them and throwing them away hurts me. Ouch! But, could Susan use them? I convoed and asked. YES! I packaged up what I had on hand and sent them to her. This reduces her need to buy little plastic bags and my need to throw them into landfills.

This is just another step and I'm tickled with it because it helps more than just me.

In the time I've been selling online I've yet to have to buy bubble wrap. I use it, when needed-- but I use what I've gotten in packages mailed to me.

Big boxes go to sistermine, who uses them to package books and braintanned hides. Little boxes get saved, as does any kind of packing paper for my own use.

Just an idea. Most of us get packages from time to time, if you're a beader you get lots of them! If you can't use the packaging materials, do you know a small supply seller who could? Perhaps just open a dialogue and find out!


  1. I always re-use the bubble mailers I get as long as they are in decent condition and keep all packing materials just in case. I hate waste. Good idea though to send them back for her to re-use.

  2. This is a great idea. I always try to recycle my bubble wrap, plastic bags, and bubble mailers.

  3. great idea. :) I'm a staunch believer in reusing packing materials!