Tuesday, March 31, 2009

torn, torn, torn

I think I've reached critical mass.

That is I can't possibly spend anymore time on the computer and I'm stret--c---h----e-----d in a few too many directions.

So I'm thinking of cutting out a few things. I have accounts that I rarely to never use and shops that don't seem to go anywhere or do anything.

I'm afraid of missing something though-- I might miss the chance to be seen by that one customer who wants to buy Hamunaptra . . .

On the other hand, my customers find me via Google and on Etsy and 1000Markets. I've never had anyone say-- oh yeah I fell in love your profile on Indiepublic or DeviantART.(Which is probably why it's been months since I logged on.) And I've had stores open for what seems like forever on some venues and they get zero attention. (But I faithfully update them.) So if they're not working what would I lose by taking the time I spend updating those sites and spending it on the places that do garner me some love?

How and when do you  make the choice to let some things go and just retrench? Rethink? Rework? As in work smarter, not harder? What is a fair amount of time to try something that you really want to work before you just admit that for some unknown reason-- it won't?

No, those aren't rhetorical questions! Share your wisdom people!!!


  1. I've been thinking about the same thing regarding my 1000 markets shop. I don't update it often. had only 1 sale. is it worth it?

  2. I have no wisdom to share on this point...so will eagerly read the comments you receive here.

  3. I have no wisdom, but I love that piece! I'm sticking with 1000 Markets. I want to see how it goes after they step up the advertising in May

  4. I know what you mean. some day's I think "I'm going to promote alll day long and update all my profiles and yada yads..." But then I realize the time it actually takes to do that and is it even worth it, and how I'd be better off just making new things all day. Yet I still go back and forth so who knows.

  5. Excellent question! I think that creative types are very likely to want to pursue marketing ideas as they "arrive" or occur to them, but that can lead to following too many trails.

    Personally, I have a rough marketing "plan" in writing that has the key goals I'm trying to accomplish. When new ideas or opportunities pop up, I glance at the plan to see if they "fit." If they don't, I put them in a file I labeled GREAT IDEAS and if I'm stuck, I open that file!

    Also, consider putting some time limits on various marketing activities, particularly if they are not high-leverage. Look at what's bringing in the most money and keep doing more of that.

  6. I don't know Lorelei-- I want to say yes-- they just rolled out categories and it's been a good venue for me-- but the same things just don't seem to work for everyone . . .

    Tab-- maybe I should try that:)

  7. Yes-- too many trails:) Thank you!
    A time limit is what I might need-- but it's hard to decide on it. What's a fair amount of time? A month? 2? 6?

  8. This is a challenge for everyone!
    Here's my thought: Start with a customer. One perfect customer who loves everything you do. Where are they at? Go there.
    Frankly, I've found only other sellers at IndiePublic and they're not my target market, so I don't worry with it.

    Now that you know who your customers are, what would convince them to buy? Getting to know you better? Then join the community; talk, share, be yourself!

    It's trial and error...but go on and chalk something up to an "error" and move on if it's not working for you!

  9. Personally I am sticking with 1000 Markets and I too have only had one sale. I'd rather put all my efforts into only 2 shops (there & Etsy) rather than having many. Plus, when you make OOAK items it is silly to spread yourself too thin by having many shops that you need to stock with different items. Pointless putting the same item into 5 different shops because you know for a fact 2 people will buy it at once! Well, you live in hope...right? Oh and that cuff is stunning!!!

  10. yes, I can totally relate. A couple months ago I started editing and I'm actually selling about the same or more. I've been focusing on the 3 applications that work the most for me and this seems to concentrate the energy flow. I hope you find what you like best because that scarab is too darn precious and not to be missed!

  11. I give a shop site three months and 30 listings then see what kind of response I've gotten. :)

  12. ts-- that's where I'm headed I think.

    Tara-- that's an interesting thought-- I have such eclectic lines that I have issues defining my customer base-- but that's another issue!

    hint-- I guess I'll let some of mine go!

    Nicola-- thanks for that!

  13. I feel the same way - not only do I have jewelry shops but shops for selling my art too - so double the work. I also think time has sped up - I don't know where the day goes but it does and I just do not get anything done - I have a to-do list and never seem to check off many items. I am staying with Etsy and 1000Markets and my blogs and facebook and flicker etc. but there is only so much time in a day and I want to paint and bead and eat - sooooooo?????