Friday, March 20, 2009

pointless and arbitrary

How many words before it becomes more than a mini-rant?

I'm not a subscriber to Stringing. I think I may have subscribed the 1st year it came out, but I decided it wasn't my thing. I picked up a copy recently for free to see if it (or I?) has/have changed.

I've been obsessing over the Jewelry Rules article for days now.

The Rule of FIVE . . . (think Darth Vader voiceover) Never wear more than five pieces of jewelry at once. Count every piece of jewelry, but a pair of earrings counts as one. Your watch counts.

(end Darth Vader voiceover)

I'm not a rebel, really. I'm a rule follower-- when they make a modicum of sense.

Who decided that we should never wear more than five pieces of jewelry at once--- I sleep in more than that. When I go out I wear about twice that, unless I'm piling it on for some reason.

Jewelry Nazi!

Seriously-- your wedding ring would count-- so if you wore 4 skinny bangles you're not supposed to wear earrings? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Who decided that gold and silver are a no-no together and what color you should wear when and *why* in the world in this 21st century have we not gotten past the point where they're telling me (us?) how to dress?

My mother did a fine job of that, thanks, and now she's over it.

Who decided that that kind of silliness belongs in a magazine about jewelry?

I'm not picking up another one and hopefully now that I've gotten it off my chest I won't think about it anymore-- but what a waste of ink. It's just so pointless and arbitrary. Things like this give rules a bad name.

I'm going to shut up now and hope this is still mini-- believe me I could go on, and on, and on . . .

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong . . . or right . . .



  1. yea good point, but!!
    did you happen to see my 2 necklace projects within the pages?
    If for no other reason, you should buy it to support your friends because it is a real pain in the ass writing up those tutorials!! ;)
    love your blog girl


  2. Now Sarah, you know we have rules for a reason...we most certainly can't be seen as DIFFERENT!!! Oh my, the world would totally descend into chaos if anyone were to wear that 6th piece....hmmm, no wonder everything is such a broke the RULES!


  3. I have to say, that's a stupid rule. oh well, rules are meant to be broken. Luckily, there are those of us out there who don't have a problem breaking those rules!

  4. Lorelei-- winter '08? I felt guilty about not seeing you so I re-checked . . . Either I'm suddenly illiterate or you're a) useing another name b) not in this issue--- I'm still drinking my coffee so it could be me:)
    I did see Heather's owls!

    Sue-- total chaos-- now we know!D

    That's us Jama:)

    In Interweave's defense I have to say that I love many of their other projects:)

  5. I found LisaPetersART in there too-- I thought those were her beads, but it took me awhile to find the fine print:)

  6. I remember the "rule" from my youth- get completely dressed, including jewelry then take off one piece of jewelry. Which strikes me, these days, as designed to undermine personal confidence (as in "you can't be trusted to know when to stop").

    The whole idea of rules is, as you say, both pointless and arbitrary. I'm going to wear 4 necklaces, 5 rings and some bangles today. And a host of earrings.

  7. oh, nope. I'm in the Spring 09 issue. not winter.

  8. I'm afraid I don't follow any such silly rules especially when they come to wearing or making jewelry! Life is much better that way.

  9. If I wore the two sets of earrings and the single earring in my pierced ears, I would have to take off one of my rings and not wear a necklace or bracelet! Nope, not going to happen! :)

  10. Rules??? There are RULES??????? LOL

  11. I always wear a watch and my wedding ring. I can't imagine only being limited to three other pieces. I also love mixing gold and silver. Rules like that are completely arbitrary and ruin the fun of creative jewelry wearing. I'm completely with you on this one!