Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bead Dreams 2008

Bead & Button just published the best of their 2008 Bead Dreams Competition. I so enjoyed drooling over all the wonderful pieces-- all the more so as I've become more of a beadweaver this year and a large portion of the finalists are always 'weavers.

I also enjoyed that paying attention to names this year, as I've had some online contact with some of these artists and recognize others from articles I've read. That's a neat feeling!

I have to confess I'd make a pitiful judge. I'm one of those people who can listen to a singer and say, "Yeah, she's got talent. I just don't like her."

And I'm similar with jewelry. I don't want to see everything you can do. I want to see something that moves me as an art, not a technique. More than that-- I want to see something I want to own, and since bead sculpture generally leaves me cold (I've seen exceptions), that translates into, "Show me something I want to wear already!"

So ignoring the actual (and very talented) winners of this competition, I'd just like to share my 5 favorite entries.

1) It's a crying shame, but materials almost always win out over the finished product. Robert Jennik's Barely a Bear's beads are just to die for! I want!

2) Kind of in that vein is Heidi Kummli's Wolf Tracks Cuff. I have weakness for cuffs, carvings textures, multimedia, furry things, etc. I'd love to read about this piece!

3) Linda Rettich' s Brain Coral Fantasy Collar calls to me almost as much as her recently published Coral Fan Piece. I sent her some fan mail. No I'm not kidding.

4) Kristi Zevenbergen's Double Strand Necklace is Killer. I could so pull that off!

5) This was close, but I finally and happily settled on Heidi Kummli's Transformation.

Ok! so you've seen the best! See the rest here: Bead Dreams 2008

Or can stick around argue with me about the best entry-- or even come back and justify my choices! Suit yourself, but tell me what you loved.


  1. I found myself at a bit of a loss this year, in terms of pieces that inspired that visceral "I want this. Now!" reaction.

    I liked Geometric 2.8.1 by Jean Power and Enchanted Waters by Huib Petersen but the piece which moved me the most was Coral Grotto by Terry Terrault

  2. There were so many wonderful beadwoven items that I had a hard time selecting. But, here goes.

    For the materials, I kinda liked Owl Babies. Although the beads, Twilight's Last Gleaming, were kinda cool too.

    In finished pieces, Viktorija is to die for (although I don't think I could stand the choker part). I think this was way cool, Beaded Chess.

    The following get an honorable mention: I also like Brain Coral Fantasy Collar. I think this one is really cool Sakura. This one came out nice Transformation. Babe in the Woods is not half bad. Florida Dawn kinda calls to me. And, so does Libra and Her Sparrow. Rocks us really cool. I kinda like I'm Ready for the Ball. I might even wear this one Spring Fling.

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm, don't know how Melody got the links to work. Mine didn't.

  4. Thanks for sharing your faves!
    Melody-- I thought it was interesting that the ones you were drawn to were similar thematically to your own work. Also the grotto is similar in style to some of your sea pieces and Geometric kind of reminds me of your flowered headband.

    Marilyn-- It's ok. I have my magazine right here. The Owl Babies were kind of cute, but what in the world would you do with them?

  5. where did that m come from? oopsies!