Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Among Other Things BeadsandBlooms Takes the EBW September Challenge

The theme was Complimentary Contradictions and the entries for fabulous! Standing out amoung them was Tears of Joy, worked with three contrasts: color, shape and texture. Tears of Joy is already sold, but be sure to check out BeadsandBlooms for more wonderful beadwork!
My special mentions goes to Beadmatrix for her line of beadworked masks. She entered the Bananarama Mask in the challenge, but be sure to check out her shop for the rest of her line.
I have two treasuries running that you might enjoy getting a better look at. Here's Set Apart
and here's Infinite Light
While I'm at it, I'll thank Carol Dean Sharpe of SandFibers for including me both in her treasury
That's all, folks:)


  1. Love that cuff, Sarah! And one good turn merely deserves another ;) Thanks for featuring the treasury here!

  2. I just realized that Lisa's raku beads are in all three of these treasuries. They are too drool over!

  3. That was a very pretty necklace, wasn't it? Congratulations on the treasuries.