Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two New Products in the Primitive Series Line

The Swirl nose screw and ear studs are simple enough to wear every day, or even to leave in all the time. Like the rest of the Primitive Series, these are created using only techniques that have been around as long as wire itself!
I recently read that it is thought that the first metal jewelry was probably gold. The reasoning? That gold is sometimes found in nuggets on the surface and that would be straightforward to turn into jewelry. When you compare that to silver, which is buried deep and seamed in ore that would have to be smelted away before it could be worked into jewelry, that makes sense!


  1. Sarah, those are cool. I would have never thought of a nose screw.

  2. I have always wondered what happens when the pierced-nose crowd gets a (delicate phrasing, here) head cold. The speculation alone has scared me off, even though I dig the way it looks.

  3. I've always loved nose rings. There's something ancient, primitive and mystical about it in my eyes. If I lived in India or someplace where it was considered less avant-gard than it is here in the States, my nose would so have holes!
    I content my self with three holes in each ear and an ear cuff. Woe is me:)

  4. These are great! I love the nose screw. And if I wasn't an office manager with responsibilities and employees and blah, blah, blah, I would have one too! I love the way they look. :)