Friday, September 26, 2008

Tips for Home Parties

I have a home party scheduled for tomorrow and it will shock you deeply to know that I'm nervous about it. So I was looking up tips this morning. Despite the fact that they nerve me up, home parties can be time very well spent.

Of course, everything can be honed to fine point, including my party technique and I'm working on it.

Things I've learned by experience:
Don't pressure people to buy
Don't bother with a sales spiel or games
Encourage people to try things on, explaining little facts about the pieces
Put sold pieces in little bags and give cards to everyone . . . and maybe little freebies
10% of my earnings in free jewelry makes a nice hostess reward
Keep track of sales via a carbon copy receipt book

Things I know I need to do:
Add Home Parties to business cards
Communicate better with my hostesses-- I'm too hands off. A flyer would be nice, outlining the best methods, food (wine and cheese or coffee and dessert), days and times(weekends evenings), setup possibilities, invitations, size suggestions, bring a friend specials, hostess incentives, etc
Accept credit cards-- easy enough via Paypal with an internet connection, something that can be included in the Hostess Flyer
Work on my display-- it's just not where I want it yet
Display a sign-up book for special offers and for hosting parties- I'm terribly shy about this for some reason

Things I found out today that I need:
More mirrors
A more open house style with a three hour range for coming and going
Benefit statements instead of feature statements
Shopping bags or baskets-- the kind they hand you at bead shops
Custom jobs-- Don't leave it up in the air. Take the cash up front, write it out and quote a delivery time
Thank you note to hostess
Bring a friend offers
Posting a Host a Home Party flyer to bulletin boards

If you have some tips, I'd *love* it if you'd share with us.


  1. - Giveaways are fun
    - Give a postcard to the hostess, just have her fill in the date and address. You can get quite a few made up generically, and give her only what she needs.
    - Be friendly and smile alot!

  2. What's a benefit statement?

    I admire your gumption for doing a home party. I think I'd crawl under the dining room table.

  3. Thanks Leigh! Good suggestions all! I read of e-mail invites which would work well with the right crowd!

    Melody, it like instead of saying 'I made this clasp by hand' you say 'I made the clasp so that it will be easy to get on and off, but secure and beautiful at the same time!'

  4. its super hard to get people to come to home parties...

  5. can't help with suggestions as i've never done one, but i do wish you luck and all the best success!!!

  6. Home parties can be the most successful parties ever, if well organized. Remember to collect the names in your Guest book. I wish you great success! Keep us posted!

  7. It's wonderful that you're doing this! I admire you. I agree with you about no games but on the "no sales spiel", it doesn't need to be about sales, but about useful information. Like the stuff many of us put in our Etsy listing...what sparked the idea or design, what the beads are, what the stitches are, how to care for the piece to make it last a lifetime. That kind of thing. I wish you the best with it!