Sunday, September 28, 2008

Post # 100, Giveaway and Don't be Shy!

Today is post # 100 for me! Yay!

That means I've been blogging for 100 straight days, which is pretty wild. I've always loved to write, but I've never been this consistant about it.

Again, I want to thank all of my readers and especially my subscribers and followers! Knowing that I'm not blogging in a vacuum ensures that I find something to post everyday-- whether I feel up to it or not. That in turn pushes me to pursue lines of thought instead of abandoning them prematurely. That often teaches me something that I didn't realize.

I know not everyday is stellar. And I appreciate you forgiving me my off days and coming back the next day, offering me your confidence that I can and will do better.

I read that more things should change about a blog than content, that readers like to see little things about the blog stay fresh. I'm newish to the blogosphere. Maybe that's true.

Does everyone recognize these lines?

"What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet"

Did the Bard have a point? Perhaps in context the statement works, but in reality names can make or break. I'm beginning to feel that the title 'sketchbook' is, well, a little too sketchy. I had no idea how broad or narrow my focus would be when I started blogging and it's still apt to change up once in awhile.

I kept the name broad purposely, but I'm thinking that maybe I'd like a new name. Does anyone have some suggestions?

I'd also like to hear from you about content. If you've read my blog a few times, do me a favor and think about why. What articles did you enjoy or what type are you most likely to enjoy? Which articles leave you cold?

If you're a reader but have never, or don't usually comment, please take a moment to talk to me!

As an incentive I'm doing my first blog giveaway!

This will run for a whole week, till 12AM October 4th and the winner will be randomly selected and announced October 5th! If you're new to my blog, a week gives you time to look around and form some opinions!

Leave me comment on this post to be entered. Talk to me. Tell me what you think!

I know sometimes I'd love to enter a giveaway (who doesn't like to win?) but I don't really like the prize, so I hesitate. To cover a wider selection of tastes I'm giving away $15 worth of the goodies (including shipping) of your choice from my Etsy shop!

Fine print:

Do be sure that I can reach you. If that means leaving a link or your email address or something, please don't forget!

Spam will be deleted and will not considered an entry. This is fun for us all, it means a gift for you, but info for me as I strive to make my blog the best it can be for all of us! Spam doesn't help:)

I'll pay shipping too-- so the gift is completely free-- as long as your item (or items) comes to $14 or less. If it's more-- no worries-- I'll just take the $15 off the bill.

If you're not in the States it doesn't matter. Please don't hesitate to enter!

The gift is transferable!

Don't be shy now!


  1. Your blog is great. "How to" stuff, information rich post are always popular! I'd love to see more photos of your creations being made or some of your projects.I agree that catchy blog names get more attention. Maybe something elated to your shop name..I'm going to have to think about that a little more. Congrats on your 100th, by the way!

  2. I agree that "sketchbook" is a broad name. It gives you a lot of freedom, though. I am not that great at bead blogging- so I'm probably not the one to ask.

    I enjoy reading what you have to say. Perhaps my favorite posts were the poetry ones, but I'm a huge poetry geek.

    I will read whatever you put out here. :-)

  3. I like blog titles that tell me what the blog is about. With "sketchbook" I expect drawings, or word sketches.

    Is there any reason why your blog shouldn't be called "the beaded lily"? I love that title, and if most of your posts pertain to beads, it would be appropriate.

    Maybe you just need to find a goal and point your blog in that direction. Hope this helps!

  4. Yeah! I love a giveaway! If I were you, I would add at least one picture of your items to ever post....that way, you get more exposure every time someone runs across your blog! Great shop!
    -10oneworld on etsy

  5. I like you blog name, but I understand about making a change. I just changed mine.
    And I love the ASK and GIVE way of advertising a web site or etsy shop.
    Ask friends, family or customers to blog about you, send them the link and then give them a gift !
    So, if you would please write a little something about me in your blog, I would love to send you a goodie bag !

  6. I have a giveaway running too... I would write less, show a photo. If there is too much to read, people won't finish and leave.

  7. I love your wonderful products and think the blog is great! Thanks :-)

  8. I think your bracelets are pretty awesome and unique. You have a real talent.
    Thanks for letting me enter your contest.

  9. wow congrats on 100...I have discovered etsy shops thru blogging, fun shops, interesting green facts and read alot of book reviews and have laughed and cried over tears of people I do not even know getting married and cried over spouses injured in a plane crash but you know what blogging is fun. Way to go on 100, I am new too but do not plan on leaving anytime soon..God Bless and Good luck...sketchbook means to me a variety of ideas that come out

  10. I have just discovered your delightful site! Your Etsy site is full of lovely handmade pretties. I think it would be fun if you had tutorials on your site. Jewelry, crafts, etc.
    Thanks, Cindi

  11. I happily have been reading your blog,but only recently. I found you on etsy and i think you have the cutest shop:)
    I have too, wanted to start a blog but worry that it wouldnt be "fun " enough, but i saw a bunch of cheery and great information reading your blog!!
    Thanks So Much:)

  12. Well I love yor shop. Never seen it until now. The beaded pieces are amazing, its like art in jewelry form! =D I also like that you have a good amount of pictures on your blog. Id say put more, some in every entry. I love pictures!! =D

  13. How about Uniquely Beads or Uniquely Beadings


  14. Congratulations on your 100th post!

    What about Beady Unique? (like Very Unique?)


    Bead there, Done that.


    Designs that make you go Hmm.

  15. How about Beadbook

  16. Hm... for your name, I would suggest going with consistency -keeping your shop name, URL, and blog name the same so that people know without thinking about it that they're looking at the same person. So that's my suggestion - just using 'the beaded lily' for your blog name.

    As for content - I think you're doing a great job! I like the mix between showcasing new pieces, brainstorming about your ideas, tips for shows, etc. So my suggestion is simply to keep doing what you're doing!

  17. Hi!

    I guess there's always a saying that "A picture tells a thousand words" and i guess it'll definitely help if you post some pics up! As humans, we're all very much visual creatures so it'll help using pictures to convey more of what you feel like talking about in your blog. Other than that, i think you're doing just fine! Keep up the creative juices! :) Thanks for the giveaway! It adds loads of excitement & color to an otherwise ordinary day! ;)


  18. Wow--you are my new blog hero! Eye candy + great writing + consistency--trifecta! lol--I actually deleted my blog it was so neglected!

    Looks to me like you're doing all the right things...cheers and hope you have continued success!

  19. I would have more pictures of your beautiful creations up, I also like How tos as I don't have time to figure stuff out for myself when I want to be "crafty"


  20. Sarah, I agree with some of the others. I think your blog should have the same name as your Etsy shop. I love the name The Beaded Lily.

    As for the content, I think you do a wonderful job there. I love reading your articles.

  21. You are doing a great job! I also agree with some of the other posters that you should name your blog after your Etsy Shop. You are an inspiration to me, I am a novice blogger, and need to be more diligent about posting. Keep it up.


  22. Whenever people give themselves a strict routine and manage to stick to it, I am reminded of the Autobiography of Ben Franklin. I think, "Here is yet another person who has embraced the necessity of routine performance and is all the better for it." And then I hope that they are so lucky as to reap the fruits of the labor, which for our dear Ben meant a retirement of ridiculous excess in pre-revolutionary France, but for you can mean the satisfaction of an accomplished life, or maybe an endless supply of cupcakes. Whatever floats your boat.

    I must say, I love your bracelets. They are entirely unpredictable, and that makes them wonderful. No matter where it is that life takes you, don't ever stop creating!


  23. I love the treasury posts and the profile or "Focus On" features. The pictures are great and the blog is easy to navigate except...I love categories so once I find a post I can easily read all the others just like it.


  24. well, for what my 2 cents is worth, i like the title sketchbook. to me, a sketchbook is a place to keep all of your inspirations, projects, and even your thoughts and feelings. and i think that your blog does just that. i started reading it because it wasn't just beading related. it had posts that made me think about my life and what i am doing as a person and as an artist. i say keep the name and keep up the fabulous work!

  25. Congrats on reaching your 100th and thank you for a wonderful blog, it is such a pleasure to read. The work you feature is inspiring and so creative! And so is your Etsy shop. You have taken beading to a whole new dimension. If you change Sketchbook to another name, The Beaded Lily would be my first recommendation because, like the others have said it will keep things consistent and readers will associate the Blog with your Etsy shop straightaway.

  26. Congrats on the 100th blog! I've really enjoyed reading through your entries. I also think that while I love the name "The Beaded Lily"...I also like the idea of a blog having a life of it's own apart from all the promo. I think an informal, behind the scenes approach to the blog is what people are really looking for...and you've certainly achieved that. I'll ponder some names...

  27. I like "sketchbook" as a name because a sketchbook is whatever YOU want it to be. I love how eclectic your blog is; it is such a reflection of you, just like your other creations.

  28. thanks for the giveaway. i'd go with more photos of your creations. also, perhaps a name that reflects your wearable art - sketchbook doesn't strike me as too wearable. love the blog, though.

  29. I think the name is perfect; you are free to write whatever you want. I would keep it. Your writings are interesting; sometimes they don't need photos but as for the whole blog more photos is welcome.


  30. the names should be consistent so when someone googles you they'll find one or the other, or both and connect you to it. lots of pictures always helps -- keeps you from being bombarded wth lots of questions from various people on simple things that a photo could cover.

    i like the name sketchbook because it's whats in your imagination put to paper and then created.

    keep up the great work! :)

    Great contest! I hope i'm the lucky winner :

  31. You know, I've never read your blog before! I got to your blog through a link from the Island Review website. BUT, I LOVE beaded jewelry and I've even got some supplies of my own, so I think I will have to keep you on my list! I look forward to looking through your blog and seeing your beautiful jewelry!

    junglewife (at) gmail (dot) com