Thursday, September 11, 2008

Primitive Series, Again!

Last week I was
about whether I was free to take on a custom order. The question made me feel all famous because, honestly, I'm always free to take on custom orders because this jewelry thing hasn't picked up enough to preclude that. Not that I'm complaining. I do like having the freedom to drop everything and create something new-- especially if the project intrigues me.
This one did. It's something I'd thought of making before and never got around to it. In this case I was asked to create a slave earring-- a simple ear cuff connected by chain to a small stud. Also there were metal allergies in the picture and a preference for a darker color metal.
Niobium, a nice dark metal, also happens to be non-reactive and safe for sensitive ears. As it happens earlier this year I started making ear cuffs and last week I started making studs and I've been making chain for a good while now. All I had to do was find a way to put it all together.
Easy enough once I got my handy-dandy little metal hole punch! I loved the way it came out! It's got a stark and primitive beauty to it and I can just see it adorning some slave in a bygone era.

The chains that I make I usually create for gifts and once in awhile for extenders. This encouraged me to go ahead and make some to sell. So I created a necklace and a bracelet and all three items are now available in my shop! I now have 117 things in my shop . . . wow.