Sunday, September 21, 2008


I am not known for brevity. I'm not much known, true, but if I was, it would not be for brevity. I hope that doesn't bother any of you too much, but I expect that anyone who follows my blog for long likes to read anyway.

Perhaps part of it is a lack of focus. When I finally hit on a topic for the day it seems entwined with 5 other things that I just have to say. If they're lumped together in my mind separating them for blogging seems tedious and it feels like an incomplete post.

At any rate, I played around with Blogger's new Following module last night, just letting it take me here and there and commenting where I saw and opportunity. I've got 3 Followers and 20 subscribers via Feedburner. That's very exciting for me! Thank you all.

While I was exploring I found a post that got me thinking about packaging. That resonated with a recent concern for me.

With the Bazaar earlier this month I spent time packaging my smaller items by attaching them to cards. I love the look and the convenience of having a space to jot a note before I pop it in an envelope with a business card and drop it in the mail.

In person, it works as a display and price tag and then when an item is purchased I can stick the whole thing in a baggie and there it is. The packaging is crafty and raw looking, but that's fine for me because my jewelry is like that too. I think it works.

With larger strung pieces I can just stick them in a baggie in person and for Etsy purchases pop in a card, a note and wrap it securely if needed. It's a little less branded, but it works well enough.

My beadwoven pieces are troubling me though. Some of them are very large and they aren't cheap. Some won't fit in a baggie or even a little jewelry box. In fact, I haven't found anything they will fit in. Safety isn't an issue so much as I can use enough bubblewrap to prevent breakage, but when you spend $300 on a bracelet, shouldn't it come nicely wrapped instead of being rolled in bubblewrap and tape? Even if I sell them at a show, what do I put them in? I'd like to be slightly branded here at least and it would be best if the result was pretty enough for gift-giving.

I looked for boxes but they were too small or too big or just plain ugly. I thought of pouches and envelopes too, but didn't find anything that really fit me. It all looked junky and cheap or more polished, and more costly, than I want.

So I thought I'd toss it out here and see if anyone has any suggestions. How do you package your larger items? Any recommendations from site you've looked at or packages you've gotten? Help?
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  1. I've been wondering this myself for when some of my more elaborate, more expensive pieces sell. So far, I've only sold a few smaller pieces like earrings even at shows. So if you come up with a solution, let us know. ;)

  2. I have teal/turquoise colored cotton filled jewelry gift boxes in several different sizes. Cuffs as wide as 1.75" can go in the 8"x2" box; any wider and I put them in 3.5"x3.5" box. All boxes get a paper and fiber "sleeve" similar to the one shown here:

  3. Sorry, I can't help you. I am having the same problems.

  4. Since I sell all sorts of things, I have lots of packaging options. After two years on Etsy (!) I've finally settled on some standard packaging options for my non-beadwoven stuff.

    For beadwoven pieces I bought white jewelry boxes from Uline (there's one near me, so I didn't have to pay for shipping). The boxes have one layer of cotton, so the jewelry goes on top of that; and then I have organza and velvet bags that I tuck into the box as the top layer, both to help protect the jewelry and to give the customer a way to carry the jewelry in case they travel or want to store it in a jewelry box or drawer.

    In the cases where the piece is too large for the boxes, I've used some of my massive fabric stash to make a custom jewelry bag!

    I try to package things attractively, and I want to make sure everything reaches its destination safely. Having seen the condition of some of the bubble mailers that have been sent to me, I no longer entrust bubble wrap alone with protecting my beadweaving. It's all gotta go in a box of some kind!

  5. Cd-- That just beautiful! I love it, but things like my Hamunaptra cuff and I think maybe this latest project won't fit in there!

    ML-- I thought of that today . . . In fact I thought of buying leather scraps to wrap my things in (ala my new journal I suspect) That still causes a branding issue, a bit of one at any rate.

  6. I had the same problem with my fiber bookmarks. I finally decided on origami chopstick holders. I put the fiber end into the holder and the beaded dangle hangs over.

    I'm wondering if pillow boxes would work for some of your things? This etsy seller came up in a google search...

    Something like these could have your creation, wrapped in tissue, in the container or pillow box, wrapped in bubble wrap.

    Just a thought....

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    Read today's update on Carmella! Proceeds are going towards her vet bill.

  8. Those are pretty rockcreek! Still to small, but I hadn't thought of searching Etsy . . .