Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Jewelry Party Tips

I'm bushed!

Sister mine and I are back from the jewelry party. It was held in a lovely Victorian home with a bit of a rustic southern atmosphere. I'm totally not into houses but I wish I'd taken my camera to share some shots with you!

The party was well attended and I sold two of my higher end strung pieces. I also met an artist who works in copper wire. Sadly, I couldn't resist ordering one of her fabulous bracelets. When I get it I'll share it with you.

I learned that:

I absolutely need to have my email address on my cards. I used to have it on them, but it never seemed to be used, so I took it off. All of the sudden I'm telling people to email me and giving them my cards and then I remember when I get home that I took it off. So . . . next time the email address goes back on.

When you take something for the hostess give it to her right off. Otherwise, you'll lose it.

Get some water early. When you need it, it will be during your busiest moments and you won't be able to get away.

If someone buys a necklace offer them earrings. If you don't have them, offer to make them and charge them up front. Explain what you'll make, tell them when you'll get it in the mail, but don't quote a price that's too low.

I've also stopped deleting my Etsy listings when they sell off Etsy. Instead I just label it sold and leave it up. I did pay for the spot after all, and this way it may lead someone who finds and likes the sold item to an unsold item!

I'm exhausted, but not as bad as I was after the Bazaar. That night after I blogged, I fell asleep in the computer chair. Tonight I'll just go to bed early.

Oh, but I do have a Treasury! Sea Breezin'.

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  1. Thank you for the tips. I might be able to use them one of these days if we ever move to a larger town.