Friday, September 5, 2008

Product Reviews: lapaperie and BareTree

I wrote before about my search for a handbound journal. We all need something to tuck our ideas into till they can be realized or outgrown. I searched first on Etsy then eBay and I Googled handbound leather journals and I found some lovely things. I eventually came back to lapaperie for several reasons.

Her overall style was right and her pricing competitive. I liked her informative and passionate write-ups. The journal I selected was nicely primitive, laid flat, was larger and thicker than many others and had nice white paper for drawing and writing. I was also able to check out Beverly's feedback, profile, policies, Flickr page and blog. Her e-mail is bookyeti. Who could resist?

So I placed my order and it arrived today. The first thing I noticed was that the ridiculous postage fee I paid was not inflated. I'm not a postage Nazi, but Etsy make you sensitive to certain things. She sent a handwritten note on her card and the book was wrapped in pretty tissue paper and a raffia ribbon which went into my shipping supply stash. The toe-curling smell of leather permeated the air and I promptly opened the lovely soft cover of my journal, grabbed a pen and jotted a few ideas down.

It's smaller than I'd like, but bigger than I can afford. In a few years when it's all full I may get a custom order from lapaperie. Till then I'll very much enjoy filling this fabulous journal up. I need to fill up some of my fountain pens and get to work!

My other recent purchase was of something I've been wanting for about a year now. When I decided to sell on Etsy-- I was buyer there for 6 months or so first-- I bought a laptop. It was back-up computer and something I could travel with and was good for keeping close by as I have no studio. With a laptop I could craft and Etsy at the same time. I naturally wanted a bag for it, but never got one.

BIL left town and I spent a few nights with sister mine, and lugging my laptop back and forth to and from her place while juggling books and beads was no fun, and throw in a sticky door and I almost dropped my laptop more than once. A bag became imperative. So I shopped around and settled on a field bag from BareTree. It was the perfect size and an excellent price. BareTree, like others, buys these bags and prints them with his own designs. His designs are bit more raw and real than his competitors. He did this one custom for me with his delightfully quirky Tasty Fish design. The Japanese print says, "I want to eat fugu, but I do not want to die," which cracks me up.

Fugu is the Japanese word for puffer-fish, which is lethal if prepared incorrectly, and a delicacy when prepared right. Perfect for a sushi lover like me.

Also, Saul was kind, professional and prompt throughout the transaction and I love my bag!


  1. Lovely journal and computer bag. The computer bag is a definite need. Don't forget to be careful where you set it down since your computer is not padded, Sarah. It doesn't take much to break the screens of the laptops.

  2. Oh I will- I'm pretty careful with it because I tend to be a bit of an oblivious clutz!

  3. Sarah, thanks so much for your review! So glad you're enjoying your journal. :)

  4. Sarah - your journal is beautiful! I've been wanting one myself since you wrote your first post about buying one.

    And I love your computer bag - very cool!

  5. Bev-- thank you!

    Susan-- get one! You'll *love* it!