Sunday, September 14, 2008

Animal Instincts Project Materials

Animal Instincts is our October theme. I promised you a glimpse of the gorgeous shark tooth and while I was at it I shot the beads that I bought. It's been gem-polished and isn't it just fabulous!
I've actually finished the focal portion (I think) and I'm working on the peyote band now.
I tried it in two-drop but I really didn't like the look for this project so I went back to the single-drop.

The smaller teeth also came in-- a hair larger than I wanted, but they'll do. Very primal!

I sold the piece that I made for the September Complimentary Contradictions Challenge yesterday. That's it in yesterday's post. The voting is still open on that challenge. Please vote here!

I've also sold my piece for the July Midsummer Nights Dream Challenge on Etsy in July.

It's a bit of momentum at any rate!


  1. That shark tooth really does look cool. Can't wait to see your finished product.

    You sold your other pieces. That is super cool.

  2. Congratulations on those sales, Sarah! That's got to feel great for you! :D

  3. Beautiful!