Tuesday, February 24, 2009

crash pretty

I still don't feel like I've re-entered my life. From the trip.

Yesterday I was gone allllll day. I went to the doctor, got the 120,000 mile service done on my car and got new glasses. I don't think I like them quite as much as the old ones. The glasses I mean.

Today I made and listed several pieces-- no bracelets. I really have to make some bracelets.

I'm up to 163 items in my Etsy stor e-- 17 bracelets. It's time.

I plan to make a schedule soon, in hopes that it will enable me to get more accomplished. Actually I planned to make it while I was away, and I've planned to make it every day since I got back . . . hmmmm . . . Will tomorrow do?


  1. do bead full time? or part time??

  2. I'm making this question harder than it is . . . I work on my bead business waaaay more than 40 hours a week. I should probably calculate how much of that is beading.
    I make about as as much as was making when I worked 2/3 days a week at LensCrafters. But this is so much more fun:)
    Why do you ask?