Tuesday, February 10, 2009

road trip: day 7-- have I really been gone that long?

1st a few shots from Tucson. I think I was just too excited to remember the camera-- plus being laden with shopping bags!

This is a design example mannequinn for Paula Radke's beads. I loved it! And the sweet lady herself let me snap her picture knowing what I was going to do with it!
Mega pearls-- I was just overwhelmed by this one corner of the market!

This was fun! It's hard to tell from the shot but we were comparing the depth of carving in handcarved vs. laser carved stone. It's easy to see close up.

Red rock country-- Sedona AZ-- and yes- I took this one!
And then when it snows I guess it becomes white rock country?
Red here, but muted, not like at sunset.
Mothermine plays with the local wildlife!

I thought this was a nice shot- just pretty!
My car-- mind, I parked it after most of the snow had already fallen!
Couldn't resist a mini-snowcreature. Or snowballs aimed at mothermine-- I'm a lousy shot.
First thing this morning I peeked out my window to see:

Pictures of loot to follow tomorrow!


  1. wow! looks like mucho fun!

  2. Wonderful pics! They make me want hot chocolate and a fireplace. I hope you had that too!

  3. No hot chocolate-- tea and coffee-- though to be honest I drink more than my share of cocoa at home:) And the fire place is just gas-- we have a real woodburner at home- still yes-- I've been using it:)