Sunday, February 1, 2009

feeding the obsession

I like to keep things pretty simple, but a love of handmade can get pricey.

$75 for a pair of earrings, $50 for a simple shirt, $45 for hand carved bead, $100 for enough handspun yarn to make a poncho-- all of you know what I'm talking about.

Just surf Etsy or 1000Markets. It's easy to see that we pay for handmade. The artists responsible for such fabulous work, well, we have to be paid! But all too often the artists responsible for such fabulous art, well, we aren't rich!

Many of us create our art while working dayjobs or depend on the steady income of others. Some of us have carved sustainable businesses out of blood, sweat and tears-- but they aren't rich either.

Still, most of us find ways to feed our obsessions with the art and craft.

Janice over at Naftali has formed a cunning plan that I want to share! Janice has formed an attachment to this piece by Triz Tager, Blazing Flowers.

Janice has a new goal. A personal challenge. One week . . . enough "allowance" money so she can splurge. To earn that "allowance" she's selling PDF Tutorials and bead frames for the creation of her fabulous pendants!

I'm rooting for her and thinking about how I might use this little trick!

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