Sunday, February 8, 2009

road trip: day 5

I slept so soundly last night.

Mothermine woke me up this morning because the Kingdom Hall is literally across the street from where we're staying. So we visited the Sedona congregation-- a warm and lovely bunch used to visitors from everywhere.

We went to lunch at Picazzo's. Good food. They had a mural up--huge-- probably 15 feet across. I wasn't wild for the mural but I loved the method! It wasn't painted directly onto the wall. Instead it was on some sort of paper or canvas which had been adhered to the wall. It had a fresco look to it and I thought of all sorts of possibilities! Muralists usually work to order, but with a canvas like that they could paint what they wanted and then market it as a mural. They could fulfill commissions from the comfort of their home. Maybe they already do, but I've never seen such a thing!
After lunch we grabbed some groceries and on the way I spied a co-op of sorts. It was kind of market style with tiny little booths and all sorts of art-- but none of them were manned. Instead you made your selections and checked out up front. Very few cards were in evidence. Sad because I would have picked up some for later.

I shopped for a few souvenirs for friends. Not the purpose of the trip-- but who knows if I'll be this way again. I hope so! I came the the conclusion that we should all make magnets!

That's what I bought. One pair of earrings, a few barrettes and a bunch of magnets. Everyone is taken care of with the exception of polymerclaycousin. I'll shop for him in Tucson.

We did laundry and studied area maps and paraphernalia. I loaded addresses in my GPS. Hopefully we'll head to Tucson tomorrow. There's a storm warning for the area though and it may be to dangerous to drive. We'll see when we get up tomorrow.

I finally snapped a few shots. It was super cloudy today-- but still fabulous!

And my second piece of Navajo jewelry. I have a pair of silver earrings-- now a more colorful Arizona souvenir.

And lastly some weird Arizona ice . . .


  1. Interesting ice! Looks like you're having a great time. Thanks for sharing. - CT

  2. if you get over to old town artisans in tucson, tell eddie gallego at tolteca that amber said hi!