Saturday, February 7, 2009

road trip: day 4

Out of Albuquerque and on through to Arizona. I think I expected more of a sandy desert. the scenery kind of reminds me of the Sinai Peninsula. It's more wilderness than desert. Lots of yellowed grass, some thin spots, some bare spots, some low bushes-- cragginess galore. Then I think I expected things to get flatter.

Instead we climbed and climbed and steadily climbed. By the time we turned off of I-40 we were 6000 feet above sea level. I think I live 2 feet above sea level.

And then we started down the mountain. It was amazing hairpin turns like I've never seen! At one point I looked straight up and could see the road I'd just come down from-- twice. I mean I saw the road twice as it stepped down-- as in looking straight up the road I'd just come down crossed my field of vision twice-- incredible.

The view from Sedona itself is almost as wonderful. I'm so glad I came. I'm so glad I drove. I'm so glad I'm here (2000 miles later) -- and once more off to bed.
Photo lifted from LilFr38's Flickr photostream.

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