Monday, February 9, 2009

road trip: day 6 and pictures--but not of the road trip

Well-- I made toTucson!
I had no idea what I was doing of course, but I found a show, got registered and spent all my money before I even saw everything there-- but everyone was closed and packing up anyway.
It was *awesome*!
Mothermine asked me if I had any regrets. I don't regret anything I didn't get or anything I got. I regret not having more money so I can go back tomorrow! I can't just go and look-- no willpower when it comes to beads!
I wish I'd made to the show that Mak is at. I was going there next . . . Another time perhaps?
I bought some Paula Radke beads, but everything else was from gem/mineral suppliers. I got a lot of very interesting pieces though-- and did I mention that I had a blast?
I walked out at the close and realized that I was tired, hungry, thirsty, that my shoulders and feet hurt and I really needed a restroom. While the beads were before me I noticed nothing but them.
I snapped a very few pictures and I'll share them later.
Then on the way back to our accomodations it started snowing. The road turned to ice. We're in the mountains and this southern Georgia gal hasn't seen snow since elementary school! She's certainly never driven in it.
There are about 3 inches of it outside right now-- perfect consistancy for snowballs-- but I'm pleased to report that we survived!
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  1. I'm so jealous! I didn't realize you were on this road trip to go to the Tucson show!! wow!
    What a trip!
    I hope you took some pictures while you were there???

  2. It's snowing in Tucson? Three inches? Please tell me you're up in the mountains and not in Tucson proper or else that's like the record snowfall of all time! Anyway my first driving in snow experience was when I was off on a road trip last year.

    Have fun in Tucson, I'll be down there Saturday (but just from Phoenix, so not much of a drive)!

  3. That winter storm just hit here. We have a high wind advisory and MAY get some snow (a few flakes at most) here later in the day. Be safe! And I'm glad you had fun :D

  4. I'll post a few pictures tonight:)

    Oh no Sarah! It snowed in Sedona whcih is 4 hours north of Tucson-- though it was windy in Tucson yesterday!

    CD-- stay warm and safe:)

  5. Thanks again for featuring my aunts shop!!!

    :) Enjoy your trip!