Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the day before

We're leaving tomorrow-- around noon.
And as I sit here at 11pm my time, I'm not packed.
In the living room there sit about 30 made to order pieces all packed up so that I can email my sister to mail pieces out for me. Also a half-packed little box of wire and tools-- just in case I've got to make something while we're gone and find a post office. Boy am I being optimistic!!! I'm trying to decide what to take in the way of beadweaving. It's a tough call as I haven't exactly decided on my next EBW project!
I'm going to take a few books, some crochet work and my computer and camera of course.
I really should be throwing this stuff in my duffle instead of writing about it!
That or getting a decent night's sleep!


  1. And I tagged you in my latest blog post, here: http://paintandink.blogspot.com/2009/02/this-should-do-for-while.html so if you're bored, it's one more thing to work on :)

    But since I also returned the tag on FB, you don't have to answer both of them, natch.

    Safe travels!!

  2. this is a gorgeous necklace. wonderful.