Saturday, February 14, 2009

road trip- day 11, Tucumcari

Started back to Georgia today-- and we didn't get too far.
We're spending the night in Tucumcari for the following silly reasons:
We really love the name.
Judging from the amount of billboards to be seen, they spend a lot of money trying to snag drivers on I-40 and I like to reward a good effort-- even if that means an extra two hours on the road tomorrow.
We really like New Mexico so we're prolonging our time here and and pouring a few bucks into the New Mexican economy.
New Mexico doesn't allow smoking in restaurants.
Texas cuts my speed to 65mph after dark.
They have a dinosaur park. I won't see it, but I know it's nearby.
We kind of hoped the cost of the room would be less in Tucumcari than the much larger Amarillo.

Now you know even more about my odd ways!


  1. i love that name aren't weird :)

  2. Isn't New Mexico great? I too appreciate the no smoking in restaurants policy, and can't wait for Indiana to pass a similar ban!! (which IS in the works, thank goodness)

  3. Hope you found your motel nice. We have several great things to see here in Tucumcari. Next time you are through check out our murals and world's tallest classroom.