Monday, February 16, 2009

road trip: day 10-- of mice and milkshakes

Tonight we're just outside of Little Rock Arkansas. Long day tomorrow as Savannah is 700 someodd miles away. I'm still doing all the driving. Mothermine's back wouldn't allow her to drive at the beginning-- now that it will, I tell her that she'll ruin my story if I let her drive.
My story is that I drove *all the way to Arizona* and *all the way back*.

This morning we heard mice in the walls of our hotel room. They were squeaking at each other. It made me instantly long for mice. They sounded so cute. We already have cats though, and a resident rodent so the mice will have to wait.

I hope no one reports the ones we heard this morning . . . I'd like to think of them living out happy little mice lives in Tucumcari!

A diet tip for you! If you're on a diet and get a yen for ice cream, go to Braum's. Get a milkshake. The only catch is-- you can only have what you can suck through the straw within 15 minutes . . . Wondering why I suggest that? Imagine trying to eat a Blizzard through a straw . . .

The rest of what I could say about my day is a rant about rude drivers and road rage. I'll keep it simple. There is a reason the road has two lanes. One for me and one for you. Breathe already.

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  1. Keep driving safely, Sarah! And when you run across those rude drivers, just smile your biggest smile and wave happily at them. That'll mess with their minds. :-)