Tuesday, October 14, 2008

52 sources of inspiration

Something from me:

I came across a couple of posts on BeadCircleBlog about 52 sources of inspiration. I wanted to do something similar.

Look for inspiration in: architecture
in your field of vision
challenging yourself
networking with other artists in your field
what the top artists in your field are doing

Visit a: arts and crafts store
library or bookstore
botanical gardens
different country
few art/craft blogs

Base a project on: art history
emotions or moods
art movements
fashion movements of genres
legends and stories
a movie, play or novel

Make something: for yourself
for your mother, sister or best friend
in honor of your favorite author
for a commission
aimed outside your target market
for what's in your closet
for what you want in your closet
for a special occasion
absurdly expensive

Materials: use your oldest
shop for new
use something that needs to be put away
incorporate found objects
use artisan pieces
play with something you've never used

Learn: a new technique
how to take an old technique to the next level
to play with color
to play with texture
to play with pattern

Browse: feedback you've gotten about your own art
your old art magazine stash
your sketchbook
books on your art
books on a different art
coffee table books
your own list

Something from JonquilJuice! Hit the Front Page of Etsy this morning!


  1. i am going to print this out and tack it over my work area.
    no inspiration for months now.
    i feel like the muse has retreated and is not coming back....

  2. Make your won list and see what happnens! Sometimes when we're too tired, physically or emotionally, I think our muses go away to take a nap:)

  3. Thanks for articulating what I've always known: Inspiration is around every corner :D Great post, Sarah!

    Congratulations on the Front Page!

  4. Yes, I will agree with that, Sarah. Since coming home from the hospital with Walter, I just can't seem to get around to doing my beading. I am just so mentally exhausted.

    Great article, Sarah.

  5. Theres inspiration in everything in our daily lives!

  6. I am always amazed by the beauty and intricacy of your work!

  7. What a great list! You gave me some new things to think about :)

  8. THANK YOU for including me in the lovely treasury, and for the fun tag the other day..I tagged you back:-P