Friday, October 3, 2008

Beauty in the Everyday, Inspiration in Odd Places

Walking around with your eyes on the ground has its perks. I recently picked up a freshly dead cicada and marveled at his colors. His wing membranes glisten and shine like prisms or crystal facets-- but so fragilely. I tried to catch the color, but couldn't. He's grey and powdery white and an incredible olive and he looks like someone dusted him with gold dust-- that I was able to catch.
I've had dead cicadas before-- picking up pretty things is one of my peculiarities-- but this one's the most beautiful specimen I've ever come across. Not that everyone appreciates things like that, to my chagrin. It's a delight when someone can see what you see, not a delight when they refuse to even try to see the beauty in everyday things. I guess it is an oddish place, but most artists won't see it that way, I think.
I'd love to do something with him, but can't think of a thing that would stabilize his fragile wings enough. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears.

As I wrote this I realized just how much of an inspiration he's been. Check out the colors in two of the pieces I made this week-- the olive tree necklace and the swamp thing necklace-- and my latest treasury.

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Find some inspiration in an odd place, or beauty in something everyday-- and tell us about it!


  1. I see what you mean about the beauty, It reminds me of a piece of Labradorite. But I still don't think I would hold a bug that big dead or alive.

  2. He's beautiful, and his wings are so big! I wish I had some advice for you on how to stabilize him. I had similar thoughts when I found a dead damselfly in my studio a couple of weeks ago!

  3. We have had some success around here with shadowbox-type frames. Make sure the bug is perfectly, completely, totally dry! Don't ask me why. :-)

    Generally we've used a fabric lining, but you could bead a lining for the shadowbox if you were feeling hugely ambitious. The glass over the top gives a bit of glare, but can be compensated for with proper lighting.

  4. He is beautiful but you wouldn't catch me touching him.

  5. I love bugs. Cicadas especially, since they are big and odd and pretty much benign, for all that their call bears an uncanny similarity to a swarm of active jackhammers. You do well to draw inspiration from such a lovely find.

  6. Love that swamp thing necklace...not sure I could do the bug thing...but I've been having fun with baby tree frogs at my house...

  7. Melody-- I actually was thinking more in terms of wearable and that's the issue. Wear and tear is hard on the fragile")

    Heather-- I heart baby frogs-- actually frogs, reptiles and all amphibians whether they're babies or not-- but babies are too cute!