Friday, October 31, 2008

old art, or look how far I've come

I read a post a few weeks ago in Art Biz Blog about what do to about art that no longer fits our style. I actually have a few pieces in stock that no longer fit mine, though they're structurally sound (unlike these earlier efforts here today) and not unattractive. I guess they're boring to me now.

I wasn't honestly sure what to do with them, but after today's post I've decided to take them apart and put the beads in my stash.

Sometimes I almost cringe at what my mother drags out to wear that I made ages ago. Today I went and pulled out some of my oldest pieces in my personal collection. I actually wear them from time to time-- usually layered with some of my newer things.

I'm going to share them with you today! You'll see a bit of a learning curve for sure!

The seed beads are on string! Probably some of the first pieces I ever made-- I wasn't beading then-- just crafting. (The beading came later with all of these other pieces. ) I can't believe they're still in one piece actually.

Now closer! (The horror!)

The clasp on this choker? I didn't know how to use memory wire! And since the hook is base metal, it's icky. The bicones are acrylic! All the finish is flaked off! It's been awhile since I've worn that. I may chunk it.
On a personal note I made it to wear to a party. It was the first time my now BIL invited sistermine and I to do anything socially. He invited us, not to spend time with sistermine, but because a friend of his was interested in my cousin. That was a *long* time ago!

The clasp on this one is a wreck! Silver plated crimp beads just pressed together with the wrong pliers for the job. The jump ring is open (why it's never fallen apart I don't know) and the clasp was a failed experiment. Everyone hated them! I also messed up the pattern of the beads, but since it was for me anyway, I never corrected it.
The anklet? Acrylic beads on leather cord.

Before I knew how to make a proper loop-- again with the junky metal-- and also before I knew that some seed bead finishes aren't permanent!

This one's even older! I was still using monofilament! I don't know why they even sell it in the beading section!

Just wow!
I had a piece hit the FP again last night! Whoo! It was this (now expired) treasury from curlysue!

And a current treasury from me!


  1. "You've come a long way, baby." *grin*

    It's fun to look back, isn't it? Gives some perspective on how incremental growth is invisible except at a pretty hefty distance.

  2. I wish I had pictures of the beadwork I used to do in the 80's. I don't but I do have some pictures of when I restarted again in 2005.

    We all have to start somewhere, Sarah and what you were doing back then was the thing. You shouldn't look down on what it took to get to where you are today. We all start from square zero and learn what is available at the time and build on that.

  3. Oh how funny! Every time I go home and see all my high school paintings hung on the walls...(in every room of my parents house I might add)...I wish I could rip them from their frames and at the very least tweak them!

    I must say though, I have a bin full of old costume jewelry that is just begging me for a junk jewelry play date. I'd bet you can find some inspiration in those old finds and turn them into something really spectacular...

    Oh and congrats on the FP!

  4. everybody has to start somewhere, and if we didn't have pieces around from that time, we would have nothing with which to compare and see how far we have come.