Friday, October 17, 2008

Visual and Philisophical Magnets

I wanted to share this treasury from SandFibers because it was *so* gorgeous!I grabbed a copy of Deborah Cannarella's beading for the soul at the library. I don't really want to own it, but I'm glad I got to read it.
There's a essay in it by Victoria Hughes about Working From Within that I enjoyed so much!
It speaks of specific questions that pull us again and again throughout our lives and moving from the questions to the art. Because art is very much about exploration and understanding, that makes sense to me.
The headings in the essay are Set Your Intention, Start With What Works, Allow Yourself To Experiment, Take Care Of Your Tools and Act On Your Intuition.
Setting your intention has to do with figuring out why you want to make a piece. Is it to explore your magnet? Is it to sell well at your next home party? To seamlessly incorperate a shark tooth? To delight your sister? Hughes says once you have a destination, the path is clearer.
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This one is also gorgeous! And still up!
And it made the Front Page! Whoo!

Also Thyme2Dream tagged me again! Since I just did this tag, I'm going to follow Alison's example over at The Explorer's Notebook and dole the 7 factoids out one at a time over the next week.

#1 I frequently talk to myself, occasionally talk back to myself, and once in a while refer to myself in the 3rd person. Then I inevitably wonder if it's really a sign of mental instability.

Tagging Ann at Inspired Jewelry by Ann Burke.

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  1. i used to talk to myself and i always answered back.
    now i just talk to the kitten.
    she's not much of a talker,however.