Monday, October 20, 2008

pictures, pictures

My Study in Iolite necklace is my BAO Item of the week and comes with free shipping this week!
Thanks so much to all the curators who were kind enough to feature my items in Treasuries this week. Here is a sampling from their shops!

Victorian Style Ribbon and Chain Cameo Charm Necklace by LadyFran

Thanks also to jonquiljuice, who's not currently selling on Etsy.
Also, remember, Thyme2Dream tagged me again! Since I just did this tag, I'm doling the 7 factoids out one at a time over the next week.

#4 I got my first job because I wanted to pay for airfare to Egypt. I was in my favorite restarant and I asked the server if employees got a discount. He said yes and the manager hired me that day.

Tagging Kerstin at earrings, anyone?


  1. your posts are always laced with such lovely finds! A breath of fresh air this Monday morning!

  2. Lovely post, Sarah. always waiting to see what you come up with next.

  3. I'm so glad! I was beginning to dislike my Monday posts! Now I'll keep them up!

  4. I LOVE the Iolite bracelet...!

    Sorry about the tagback so quick- I am still new to these and I wasnt thinking how that would work when I did it (sheepish grin). I did want to link to your lovely blog tho:)

  5. Don't apologize! I like releasing them one at a time! It's fun. If I were really interesting and wouldn't quickly run out, I'd probably keep it up!

  6. Thanks for the shout out! What a wonderful group of items.