Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the study of creativity

I got my confirmation email for the study of cool creations and what motivates them! I do love the human psyche and the study of it as it gives us ways to understand ourselves. I'm game for almost anything that has to do with creativity. And I don't hate a survey either!

They want lots of participants and they offer a creativity evaluation type thing. What makes you tick creatively? Add to your info by participating!

For me, why, is at the very corner of my consent to do this study and it's closely allied with how. Why are some days more productive and how can I enhance my creative productivity every day?

Interestingly, I recently came across a post on a blog that I very much enjoy entitled 'There is no why'. My respectful response is, Of course there is! There's always a why-- even if we're unaware of it. Actually the post itself is chock full of whys!

#6 I don't like sad endings or movies that make me cry.


  1. I joined the survey too. Don't know that I will do it much good but I will give it my best.

  2. Beautiful earrings! I hadn't heard of that survey, but I'm going to check it out. I love to understand what makes me and everyone else tick.