Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sales and Giveaways!

I keep mentioning my blog giveaway. If you haven't taken a look there are a few more days to get in on the action and win thebeadedlily pieces of your choice! So, check it out!

Also up for grabs is this wild pendant! If you follow my work this is the piece for you. It's stitched on a false start-- remember how I started Barbary Coast in two drop peyote? Here it is! I embellished it with bead tray finds--beads from Fish Stories, Ocean of Storms, Waterlilies, Sabatini, Hana-bi and some of my other work. I never put anything up you see . . .

It's three inches long and 1/2 wide (7mmx1.5mm)

What do you have to do to enter to win? Sign up for the Bead Art Originals newsletter! My Collage pendant is in a pool of other fabulous prizes, like a pair of HumbleBeads earrings!

The newsletter will have announcements about our upcoming events and specials, including the upcoming Bead Art Originals Trunk Show!

Sign up and enter to win HERE.

The Trunk Show will be on the Thursday the 9th in the Virtual Labs on Etsy, between 7 and 9pm EST. There will be some specials on gorgeous art and, rumor has it, door prizes. So you want to be there, right? Hold the date!

Ok-- so much for giveaway's, now for the sales!
On Thursday the 9th between 5pm and 12 midnight, in honor of the Bead Art Origianls Trunk Show I'm shipping all beadwoven items free and including a small gift!

Also in the works-- the Georgia Etsy Team is having a four day sale between the 10th and the 13th-- Friday to Monday. I'll be knocking off 10% off purchases from my shop during that time and I'll be back with list of participating shops!

All of this all around the Savannah Market Bazaar on the 11th!

Ok. So don't miss my blog giveaway. You can comment to enter on that post.
Enter the BAO giveway by signing up for the BAO newsletter in this post!
The BAO Trunk Show is the 9th-- with deals and giveaways included!
And the Georgia sale runs from the 10th to the 13th-- 10% off for that one!

Happy shopping!


  1. My, you are going to be one busy woman. I can't even get motivated right now, I am so brain dead with all this stuff with hubby going on.

  2. Wow! Such cool original stuff! Keep working at it! ;)


  3. I saw some of your stuff on etsy and i really liked it--especially some of the earrings.
    i don't have an account, so i was wondering if it was possible to buy directly from you, instead of through a site? you can contact me at
    (awesome blog, by the way)